Development Authority
Business Incentives
In Wayne County, Georgia you will discover a true partnership between government, business, education and organizations such as the Wayne County Industrial Development Authority and Wayne County Chamber of Commerce. A thriving downtown and a strong business community led by key industries and manufacturers keep our economy moving. At the heart of our success is collaboration between businesses, community leaders and civic organizations to ensure our community is dynamic and continually changing to meet our citizens’ needs.

Wayne County is dedicated to your success:
  • Providing loan assistance and other incentives
  • Fast track permitting
  • Infrastructure assistance
  • State-designated “Entrepreneur Friendly” community
And, if it's not available, just ask. You won't find a team more dedicated to serving your interests. The following are some of the programs available to businesses looking to locate to Wayne County. Businesses may also qualify for additional incentives not listed here and will be discussed on an individual basis.
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds for land, building and equipment acquisition for new and expanding manufacturing plants
  • Issued through the Wayne County Industrial Development Authority
  • Both taxable and tax-exempt financing is available
  • Competitive, below-prime interest rates
Tax Incentives
  • No Georgia sales tax on equipment used in the manufacturing process
  • Various sales and use tax exemptions available for manufacturing operations, material handling equipment, pollution control and electricity used directly in manufacturing a product
  • Certain provisions apply.
Job Tax Credit
  • Wayne County is designated as a Tier 1 community by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.
  • Available tax credit = $3,500 per job created + additional $500 per job for Wayne County being part of the Southeast Georgia Joint Development Authority
  • Total tax credit = $4,000 per job created
Freeport Exemption
  • 100% exemption from ad valorem taxes for inventories of finished goods held by original manufacturers; raw materials and goods in process; finished goods held by distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers but destined for out-of-state shipment
Foreign Trade Zone
  • Wayne County has the ability for qualified projects to apply for sub-zone designation of Free Trade Zone 144, alleviating duty costs incurred during the import-export process, making it easier to do business globally.
One Stop Environmental Permitting
  • Georgia offers efficient, one-stop environmental permitting through its Environmental Protection Division which is also approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to issue federally required permits.
  • Costly and time-consuming environmental impact statements are not required.
Workforce Incentives
  • New and expanding businesses qualify for training through Georgia’s Quick Start and Work Ready programs.
Spotlight: Rayonier Advanced Materials
Rayonier Advanced Materials in Wayne County, Georgia is one-of-a-kind, transforming a renewable resource – wood – into a unique material that serves as a building block for countless products people use every day, from LCD screens to impact-resistant plastics to filter and food products.

Rayonier made the second-largest capital investment in Georgia in 2013 - $385 million – to ensure the plant in Wayne County remains the global leader in cellulose specialty fibers. More than 25% of the labor for the two-year construction project was locally sourced. Rayonier employs more than 940 people and the company is the largest employer in Wayne County.

A Georgia Tech economic impact study reveals Rayonier’s Jesup Mill has a nearly $1 billion annual economic impact in southeast Georgia. Rayonier each year contributes more than $10 million to Georgia’s tax base and pays more than $117 million to Georgia vendors who supply the Jesup Mill with goods and services.

The recent expansion added 190,000 metric tons of additional production capacity to the Jesup Mill. With approximately 60% of its products shipping to destinations outside North America, Rayonier is one of the Georgia Port Authority’s top exporters by container volume.

Rayonier chairman, president and CEO Paul Boynton gives much credit to the Wayne County IDA and the entire community. “Without the support and help of Gov. [Nathan] Deal, the state of Georgia and the local community, this project would not have been possible,” he said. “Over the last two years, Jesup and Wayne County have shown tremendous hospitality to the thousands of workers who helped complete this monumental project. The entire community can take great pride in what has been and will continue to be accomplished at the Jesup Mill.”

. . . . Over the many years of Rayonier’s tenure in Jesup, it has benefitted from the Wayne County Industrial Authority arranging bond financing for various projects.


Wayne County is the easy choice when relocating your industry.